Experts found a method of fight against an autumn depression

We know how effectively to fight and cope with bad mood. It is known that the stress and a depression negatively affect human health therefore behind council we decided to see a doctor. Our expert told us about an unexpected way to lower a stress. It turned out that kisses - real macho in this case. The thing is that

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Scientists found that stress forces men to think about sex more

Do you think, matter in their dissoluteness? Here not! The stereotype that men are much more fixated on sex is hardy. You want - agree with it, you want - argue … Scientists, however, still were not defined. And therefore with enviable frequency throw arguments in advantage one, other point of view. And recently experts from the USA got into

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celeb breakup

The ridiculous reasons for leaving star hotties

Cruel diet, too big salary and other reasons of parting of the Hollywood couples. If you think that the famous beauties who just bathe in glory luxury and attention, in private life have no troubles and tragedies, you are mistaken. Even they are left because of absolutely ridiculous and sometimes idiotic reasons. Gwyneth Paltrow Chris Martin left because she forced

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